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There are now eBook versions of some of my shows from the 1990s all of which are available from Amazon.co.uk for just over a pound.


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WHO HERE'S LOST? (and other things) - 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 prevented me from bringing my current stage monologue to the year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but as with Each of Us, I had planned to bookise the the text to offer to baffled punters who missed lots of the jokes due to my waffle. I thought it would be nice (and it was kind of nice) to include other pieces from the four decades previous, and so the volume also includes The Predicates from the 2010s (see below), Glove Story from the 2000s, The Flower Whose Petals Were Mirrors from the 1990s and Shipwreck from the 1980s. There's also a Bit at the Back of the Book to explaineverything, as well as single page trailers for Pronoun Trouble and BookTalkBookTalkBook.
The cover image is by the awesome Jules Scheele, based on a photograph by the equally awesome Andy Lane.
Once again, it was printed by Printbar and they did another fabulous job.
This is what it looks like... Front and Back.
For a signed, numbered copy you can buy one from the amazing people at Go Faster Stripe, the wonderful Bookseller Crow on the Hill or the brilliant bookbarge Word on the Water, or right now from me at my WEBSHOP - I'll throw in a badge and add any dedication you'd like too!
A Kindle version and an audio version are in the planning stage too.

I wrote a short essay for this amazing collection of thoughts, reminiscences, adventures and fears and hopes and dreams, relating to the UK's relationship with Europe as we leave the European Union.
It is full of wonderful pieces by some amazing writers. My piece is about the great European artists who made an impact on my young life.
Buy a copy from HIVE using this link and help your local bookshop!

I had had an excellent time collaborating with Catherine Hemelryk and Hayley Lock on (Now That Would Be) Telling, so when Catherine (now at NN Contemporary Art in Northampton) suggested working on an new venture I said yes please immediately.
The Northampton Multiverse Project and the Jonbar Archaeology strand sounded right up my street and I was super-happy to write a short text piece called The Predicates to go along with a display - more details on the COLLABORATIONS page.
The booklet came out brilliantly and I think the shop at the NN still has a few copies - I have given all mine away now.
Hopefully the text will appear in my next self-published book. And it does - see above!

EACH OF US (and other things) - 2013
While writing my new show in 2012, I had in mind that I could self-publish it as a text short story.
I'd really enjoyed having copies of More Trees to Climb to sell after shows and people liked the book, so why not a new one?
My hunch was that I wouldn't get a publisher interested though and so I did it myself.
Click HERE to see the book.
The brilliant comics artist Mike Medaglia put me in the direction of Rich Hardiman at Printbar and I got together an 80-page manuscript which went to press in June 2013 for an initial run of 500 copies.
The entire run sold out, and so the did the Second Printing of just 400 copies.
The Third Printing of 300 copies is now available (some spelling corrections included).
As well as Each of Us there's the text of 'Please Wait Here' written for the (Now That Would Be) Telling art project, there are three Valentine's Day poems, a piece about the game of Sartorial Mastermind I invented for the Idler Games Night at the ICA in 2004, and a bit at the back of the book about the stage production of Each of Us.
For a signed, numbered copy you can buy one from the amazing people at Go Faster Stripe, the wonderful Bookseller Crow on the Hill
or the brilliant bookbarge Word on the Water, or right now from me at my WEBSHOP - I'll throw in a badge and add any dedication you'd like too!
Oh and it's available as an eBook for the Kindle at Amazon.co.uk

In April 2009, Portobello Books published a collection of three of my one shows, written as prose short stories.
These were Coelacanth, Not Everything is Significant and A Supercollider for the Family.
Click HERE to see the full cover.

Converting the scripts into readable stories was occasionally tricky - phrasing the ear enjoys can sometimes trouble the eye - but with the help of a fabulous team of editors and proof readers, we got there in the end.
The cover was designed by Clare Skeats and the illustration is by Ryu Itadani and they did a brilliant job of drawing in the reader's attention from the moment the book is noticed.
Laura Barber was the editor and she's every kind of awesome too.

Stewart Lee, an old friend, wrote a very funny and touching introduction and there's a short piece at the back of the book about how the shows were staged.

Here is a promotional video on vimeo.com - it has me up a tree and in a chair, reading from, and talking about the book. . .

More Trees to Climb from Portobello Books on Vimeo.

Here are some of the things people have said about the book:

Dotty, very funny and packed with all kinds of barmy aphorisms and asides.
Kate Saunders, The Times

This small but beautifully formed collection demonstrates Moor's lovely way with language. . . The combination of deceptively simple truths and seemingly incomprehensible events or actions works to unsettle and reassure, all at once.
Lesley McDowell, The Herald

Very human and very tender . . . don't be deceived by the size of the book, inside are contained much larger truths.
Anita Sethie, BBC Radio 5 Live

Whimsical and funny. . . full of great ideas. 
Joel Morris, BBC Radio 5 Live

A magnificent display of voice on the printed page. . . It is really something else. 
Lee Child, BBC Radio 5 Live

(The Radio 5 Live comments can be found on Simon Mayo's Book Review Podcast of 23rd April 2009, if you can find that)

Funny, subtle, blink-and-you-miss-them gems. 
Roger Cox, The Scotsman

These are stories to sweeten you day while making it just that little bit stranger. 
Claire Allfree, Metro

To promote the book, I performed Coelacanth at a launch party at The School of Life in London and toured the show around book festivals in 2009/10 - Edinburgh, Port Eliot, Wigtown and Cheltenham.

Signed copies of More Trees to Climb - with free gifts - can be bought from my shop webpage.

Or of course you can buy the book (and/or the Kindle eBook) from amazon.co.uk (slightly cheaper, but not signed and no free gift) through the following link. . .

And, of course, from your local bookshop.
Bookseller Crow on the Hill in Crystal Palace and Word on the Water on Regent's Canal near King's Cross, both have signed copies.
Shoppers at both places should be given a complimentary badge with their purchase.

But if yours doesn't have it in stock, why not ask them to order it? The ISBN is 978-1846271984.

I wrote a short piece about my travels around the USA on a Greyhound for this collection of bad holiday stories. Specifically, my visit to Mount Rushmore and the local motels.
It's a fine book - available HERE from amazon.co.uk

I wrote a whole stack of pieces for the twice annual paperback phase of Tom Hodgkinson's user guide to take it easy.
For example, I wrote about Frisbee Tree Golf being an idler sport (as you can play it with a drink in one hand) and there's my piece on lost gloves in the LOVE ISSUE and the Unhappy moments of Lu Tiancheng. They may still be online at the Idler Academy website, I think.