This the page hosts a collection of images - most recent first - of stage and screen appearances etc.
All photographs are copyright their original creator.

The Predicates
Performance with Sophie Fletcher as part of Jonbar Cabaret at NN Contemporary Arts - 20th June 2014
Photographer - Joe Brown - flickr


Each of Us
Performance at Essar Chester Literature Festival - 14th October 2014
Photographer - Mark Carline - flickr

At the Pleasance Upstairs Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2013

At the Latitude Festival, July 2013
Photographer - Diamond Geyser - flickr

The Seagull
Cast photo on the last night of the run, December 2012

At the Pleasance Attic Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2005
Photographer - James Avery Cunliffe



Dr Thorne
ITV / Amazon Prime, 2016
dr                                        thorne 1  dr                                        thorne 2  dr                                        thorne 3

Man Down
Channel 4, 2015
Backstage - Photographer - Spencer Millman

BBC3, 2014
Backstage and publicity shots


The IT Crowd
Channel 4, 2013
Backstage and Screenshots

Count Arthur Strong
BBC2, 2013
Publicity shots
Three Musketeers 3-D
Director - Paul W.S. Anderson, 2011
Backstage shots


Director - Lasse Hallstrom, 2005
Backstage and Publicity shots