whl ice cream1

What do we make with our lives?
An artist worries his work has lost its way.
An architect wants to see her buildings a final time.
A changing landscape searches for itself.
Who Here’s Lost? is a story about what we value as we go along, and how we present it to others.
It features bubble-wrap, party games, museums and ants.
And ice cream.
So if you’re lost, just think about the ice cream.

The original reading of the piece at The Port Eliot Festival in July 2019 was amazing - a full tent at 10.30am on a Saturday morning - and the show got a fabulous reaction from the audience. I was delighted.

Here's a photo of the show from Miriam Nice - thank you!

I have since read the piece at Bookseller Crow on the Hill in February 2020, and at a couple of smaller events.

UPDATE - All this summer's performances of Who Here's Lost? have been cancelled or postponed. More details soonly.

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