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What do we make with our lives?
An artist worries his work has lost its way.
An architect wants to see her buildings a final time.
A changing landscape searches for itself.
Who Here’s Lost? is a story about what we value as we go along, and how we present it to others.
It features bubble-wrap, party games, museums and ants.
And ice cream.
So if you’re lost, just think about the ice cream.


Who Here's Lost? was intended to be a show at the 2020 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I had a slot confirmed with The Pleasance, in The Attic, where I had performed Black Cocktail in 2004 and Coelacanth in 2005, and everything was on track. Then the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown happened, the Fringe was cancelled and things that were on tracks were taken off the tracks and put back into boxes.

In the summer of 2020, I published the book of the show as a story but the intention was always to get it onto the stage. I'd first read the piece to an audience at The Idler Academy tent at the 2019 Port Eliot Festival, and the reaction was wonderful; I'd also staged scratch readings at the Islington Tap in late 2019, and the Bookseller Crow in early 2020. But it was always going to be a challenge to make it into a show what with the understandable uncertainty in the live entertainment industry. I resolved to get it done in the summer of 2021, booking the piece into a slot as part of a Double Bill with Joanna Neary's wonderful Wife on Earth, at the Hen and Chickens Pub Theatre in Highbury at the end of July, and arranging dates in the Autumn.
I rehearsed alone at home in my front room. Simon Oakes and Suns of the Tundra recorded a beautiful and haunting soundtrack for the piece. Jules Scheele had made a brilliant illustration for a poster, based on a photograph by Andy Lane, and Stephany Ungless designed some fabulous publicity.
The shows at The Hen and Chickens were deliberately low key - no real lighting effects (though these will come when the awesome Malcolm Rippeth gets to cast his magic) and, somewhat foolishly, I operated the sound cues myself using a fiddly remote control - but it was an absolute joy to share the work with an attentive and appreciative audience and the reception was truly brilliant. I received lovely comments about the show's dreamlike nature and its experimental, psychological and cryptic storytelling - perfect!

There are more dates to come - see my homepage - and I can't wait to share it with more audiences in the months to come.

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