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Episode 4 - Unaccustomed

Carlo tells a story of Rumour Torture, a very nice suit and heights heíd go to for his magazine.

Starring Duncan Wisbey, Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Rae Baker, Jot Davies, Kevin Eldon

Itís always nice to shake a format up a little. Undone is definitely Ednaís story and she tells it very well, but the narration technique stops us seeing things from another characterís perspective. Carlo makes a perfect substitute in this episode, getting totally caught up in Ednaís adventure and turning into a James Bond figure. He gets a new suit, is given a mission, meets a beautiful woman, has an exquisite meal, and it all climaxes at the top of a skyscraper. We recorded the office backroom in a bathroom (the acoustics were excellent) and took the cast to a roof in Bloomsbury for the climactic scene on the Bell Handle. Again this was blocked for real with various actors in various positions around the roof. We didnít do the fall for real though.

Jot Davies was great as the Faceless Bureaucrat Ė you could really believe he needed to know those blind items - and made an appropriately gloomy goth doctor. We were thrilled that Rae Baker took time out from Dirty Dancing to play Undone Daphne, and Kevinís Prince and Alexís Edna were great as ever. But big kudos go to Duncan. His lovely tone and sweet giggles were givens, but he told the story so nicely too. We were going to put Carlo in a coma for an episode or two, but heís just too good to lose. Still, Ednaís guilt for having got Carlo involved sets us up for the next couple of episodes. Oh, and my favourite comic book shop Gosh! makes an appearance in this one; itís opposite the British Museum and it's smashing!

First broadcast - BBC 7 - 10th February 2008

Episode 5 - Unwelcome

A trip home to Towcester and her Mum should give Edna a break. But thereís a fete to organise and Tankerton has a mission of his own.

Starring Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Duncan Wisbey and Emma Kennedy.

The first episode set outside of London or its parallel cities. Edna had been having a hard time lately and itís been six months since she moved away from Towcester so it was time to give her a welcome home. Things donít quite turn out that way though. Tankerton is still after the pieces of the Princeís gem and canít understand why Edna doesnít share his keenness to fulfil the mission. The pace is deliberately slower here, there are flashbacks, moments when Edna is alone again for a while. We recorded virtually all of it outside in the sunshine of a lovely July afternoon; the tree scene at the end of the garden.

Emma Kennedyís Rosie returning was always going to happen in series 2, but rather than her coming back to London having Edna go home to see her served the story better. She has more secrets to tell Edna, but the details given here and the revelation about Ednaís powers come at a good moment for the overall story. And with the final piece of the gem being discovered this sets up the final episode quite nicely. I was pleased with the way this script mixed the monologue sections with the action, the flashbacks and the arc story Ė something I donít always feel I do successfully. We had a lot of fun recording this one (I think it was our first day of production) and Alex played the young Edna beautifully, the tired Edna cleverly, and the reveals towards the end, note-perfect. Iím sorry if Iím always gushing about the actors but it is a simple pleasure to work with people who Ďgetí a work like Undone so naturally. Also Ė great music choices once again.

First broadcast - BBC 7 - 17th February 2008

Episode 6 - Unification

Everything and everyone comes together at Tankerton and Idaís wedding. But whose side will Edna take?

Starring Alex Tregear, Ben Moor, Duncan Wisbey, Sophie Duval, Kevin Eldon and John Dougal.

Series two ends with a twist (that you might have been seen coming) and an extra twisty twist twist that nobody would have. This episode refers back to pretty much every episode of both series and there are mentions of virtually everybody Edna has come across since day one. Hence the title - still an "un" word but with a twist. But thereís also a story to be told and while itís sort of traditional to do a series finale with a wedding, nothing quite goes to plan. We recorded the church scenes at an actual church (see photo) and Duncan played some typically inappropriate wedding tunes on the organ. John Dougal (another superb actor from the Radio Drama Company) played the Rev Enver marvellously. We did the chase that ended up in the square beside the Grand union Canal, provoking a certain amount of interest from some kids who deliberately made noises when we were recording. Tut!

Well that was series two. Everything you thought you knew was wrong. Well everything Edna thought she knew Ė you probably worked it out, she had to take Conspiriton. And even then Tankerton has to do a big speech explaining it all. But the clues had always been there. Edna maybe shouldnít have believed everything she had been told and may be advised not to believe everything the Prince now tells her. . .

The drugs dealer returns, giving Duncanís magnificent Mexican accent another outing. Sophie is funny and touching as Ida, especially with her inspirational moment towards the end. Kevin is just brilliant as he was in all his scenes this series. Me, Iím OK. But the star is really Alex. Narrating a story and acting comedy in scenes arenít the same thing, but she did such a wonderful job here and over the whole series.

And quite what happens at the end of the party. Well. All I can say is the person that smashes that vase is the same person who was in Tankertonís flat while Edna was in the wardrobe. Oh and we havenít seen the last of Tankerton. . .

First broadcast - BBC 7 - 24th February 2008



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