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A Supercollider For The Family is the world's best "feel-good" movie that never got made. It is a brave man who can speak well of love through such cynical times; Moor's sweetly melancholy tale of a physicist's devotion to his tightrope walking wife is enchanting. Supercollider is set in the near future, where the hot new drink is "a 'Dutch Cappuccino' - one of the new contraceptive coffees," and the supermarkets have gone to war. The narrator has been asked to launch "an atom smasher for home use" and sets out with his Guardian Angel to untangle the problems involved in shrinking an 87 kilometre long mechanism to the size of a bicycle wheel. The jokes are so fast and so beautifully constructed that the audience is unable to laugh for fear they may not hear the next one. Moor is a surprisingly graceful performer, and his long body and elegant hands bring to life the bizarre world of his imagination. Supercollider is the beautiful, funny child of Wim Wenders and Thomas Pynchon; sometimes even comedy should make you cry.
Hettie Judah, The Times, 16th August 1997

Ben Moor's new storytelling show is an unlikely mixture of subatomic physics, conspiracy theories and touching sentimentality. As in last year's hit Twelve, he proves to be master of the extraordinary simile. With constant linguistic invention, he relates his attempts to build a family-size particle accelerator while maintaining his relationship with his tightrope-walking wife... The moral of the tale - that what is important in life is human relationships - is ancient, but it has rarely been told in quite such an odd way... Moor is one of a select group of performers who manage to step out of the mainstream, and perhaps the only one who pursues the beautiful as well as the funny.
Richard Turner, The Scotsman, 11th August 1997

Ben Moor, the science graduate turned comedy performer, becomes more lyrical with each of his one-man shows. His latest adventure is typical of his past work - brilliant streams of consciousness comedy, bad puns and strangely plausible scientific theory... Unfettered and inexplicable madness? Probably, but the gangly showman performs in such a joyous, winning manner that everything seems entirely justifiable. two parts comic to one part physicist and one part poet, Moor continues to defy belief... He should never be missed.
Phil Gibby, The Stage, 21st August 1997

Best of the SF bunch this year was A Supercollider For The Family... As a performer, Moor is a gangly dynamo of flailing limbs topped by a nerdy face, as a writer he's a master of subtly surreal one-liners and bizarre plots.
SFX Magazine, November 1997

Ben Moor (is) a man awash with laughable accessories - big ears, funny voices, excellent gags, the works.
Tim Lusher, Evening Standard 26th May, 1998

A Supercollider For The Family is rich in pathos puns and particle physics and comes from a man who could give Jarvis Cocker lessons in lankiness.
Nicholas Barber, Independent on Sunday