Press Reviews

Ben Moor can write sparkling witty dialogue with a satirical edge. His gangling bearing and air of naive but eager enthusiasm are captivating as he describes the modern mores of trendy living.
Stella Goorney, The Stage, 12th August 1999

Ben Moor is one of the most quirkily individual performers on the fringe. His beautifully written monodrama is about an obsession with a pretty girl called Poppy, whom he tracks through a parallel universe. In terms of mate tectonics, this was good-friend quake. A little gem.
Michael Coveney, Daily Mail, 27th August 1999

Poppy Day has a beginning a middle and an end, but necessarily in that order. Since his brilliant Fringe debut in 1993, Moor's shows have gravitated away from science and maths and towards the emotional. This time love is in the air again, but we're rooting for him to get the girl for a change. Moor's way of looking at the world is gentle and twisted so you can never be sure how things will turn out. Safe to say there was an audible 'aah' from the audience as the last line of this lovely little one-man show evaporated into the ether.
Gabe Stewart, The List, 19-26th August 1999

Moor has a body built for comedy, a brain the size of a planet and a heart aching for love. And what's most magic about Poppy Day is its simple belief in the redeeming power of love.
Gabe Stewart, Edinburgh Evening News, 17th August 1999

Everyone is defined by their friends: this is the philosophy behind this oddly delightful show. Moor's mind seems to work from a parallel universe all of its own, producing a performance that is by turns sparky, poetic and thought provoking. A captivating piece.
MG, Three Weeks, 7-13th August 1999

Moor is an engaging actor with a plastic face on an elastic body. Sometimes the ideas get in the way of the jokes, but there is plenty here for television to exploit.
Antony Thorncroft, Financial Times, 26th August 1999

If you want to cry, laugh and fall in love, go and see Ben Moor, whose lyrical storytelling is as funny as it is beautiful.
Hettie Judah, The Times, 6th August 1999

Ben Moor has built a devoted following over the past few years. Poppy Day may well be his final fantastical romance and should certainly be seen live, for Moor is a fine performer. Moor's wordplay has lost none of its edge and as always his show is both touching and funny.
Hettie Judah, The Times