2016 News

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In January I filmed a scene for a BBC show called Taboo which should be on screens early next year. I play a solicitor's clerk and wear a terrific top hat.
In November I shot scenes playing a cathedral caretaker in ABC's new show Still Star-Crossed; it may well be on in the UK sometime in 2017.

And coming out in cinemas just after Christmas is an extraordinary film called A Monster Calls in which I play a minor role as a teacher. I saw it at the London Film Festival and it is, quite simply, brilliant.

Oh, and there's now a showreel on Vimeo for anyone wishing to behold my various actings.

I performed Each of Us at Trouble at Mill in Farsley, West Yorkshire, in April.
In July I previewed sections of Who Here's Lost? (my current work in progress) at the Port Eliot Festival.

Herenowfollows a small snippet:

We checked in at the Hotel Labyrinth and found our rooms an hour later. The room had a complimentary dressing gown, which was cool, and a gas mask, which was interesting. The internal phone to the front desk had doom-laden hold music intended to make you hang up. I persisted though, and ordered a sheet of bubble wrap from the room service menu. The guy came with it and I didn’t have any money to tip him so I let him pop a bubble. Then another. And that was it; I’m not made of bubbles.

I narrated live concert performances of Suns of the Tundra's recent album, Bones of Broken Ships, playing alongside screenings of South (the film of Shackleton's 1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition), at All Tomorrow's Parties in April and at the Bedford Theatre in Balham in October.

I've continued to write pieces about games for The Idler and for Halloween I wrote a murder mystery dinner party game for BBC Good Food magazine.
BBC Radio didn't pick up a pilot script I wrote called Leaside but I am hopeful that another project called Pages from Ceefax may one day find a producer.

And should you have some spare book tokens, why not pop along to somewhere like Bookseller Crow or Daunt Books (other local bookshops may well be available more locally to your locality) and treat yourself or someone with equally brilliant taste as you with something excellent.

My favourite books of this year have been:
The Gradual by Christopher Priest
Only the Visible Can Vanish by Anna Maconochie
The Tree Climber's Guide by Jack Cooke
The Vision by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Metamorphosis by Polly Morland
Gone With The Mind by Mark Leyner
How to Talk About Places You've Never Been by Pierre Bayard

I am super-keen on books and will gratefully receive any tip in return.

My favourite movies were The Brand New Testament, Notes on Blindness, The Open and Captain America: Civil War.

Top theatrethings included YOUARENOWHERE at LIFT, Groundhog Day at The Old Vic and Team Viking at the Old Red Lion.

Musically, here's a short EweToob Playlist of some of my most played songs of 2016 (Trigger warning: the videos include minor swears, entirely foreign languages, Lynchian cavorting, 1980s synths, Renaissance Fayres, gym kit, and interpretive dance.)

Hey, thank you for being around for this weird old year and let's see what the cool new one brings.
If we can all be excellent to each other I think we'll be OK.

Please accept my (prompt) compliments for the season and wish you an utterly zarjaz 2017.

love and peace!