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This page is jam-packed with very dull and possibly out of date information about me. If you'd like to see more regularly updated, brightly-coloured Danny-related facts, you should go to Oblomovka, which is one of those lousy goddamn blogs, or, when you're quite done with that centralized social media mess, you can find me on Mastodon or I guess Bluesky at @danny.spesh.com.

Current projects

My current work is at the Filecoin Foundation/Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, where I try to get people to be done with that centralized mess (see above), and support the tools and communities who are trying to re-decentralize yonder web.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "That's very interesting, but What happened to that 90s favourite you co-wrote, NTK?" Well, at time of writing, NTK is on a semi-permanent holiday, like King Arthur or Marc Andreessen (holy cow, did he make a comeback). The interval between issues is expanding at an exponential rate, which means that you were due another one in around 2012. As it happens, around 2012, I started Anno NTK which is technically another batch of NTKs, but is in fact the ones from fifteen years ago re-sent with even more meta-sarcastic comments at the top. You can only get it in email, because. Anno NTK trailed out a few years later, because it turns out that doing the same work again fifteen years later is less fun than it sounded. My old co-founder Dave Green is still doing sterling work operating the Modern Day NTK Twitter account though, so he wins.

I used to work for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (style note: when you say "the EFF" you should say "EFF" like you're supposed to say "iPhone" not "the iPhone" or "my iPhone" or "this is 2038, what the hell is an iPhone?" Say "what the hell is iPhone?" instead and say "He works for EFF.") I was EFF's chief (ie only) Activist from 2005-2007, and then its International Outreach Coordinator from 2007-2010.

As part of my own international outreaching, I helped to set up Open Rights Group. ORG does amazing things in the area of digital rights in the UK, and does it all dependent on donations from individuals. Please consider joining them or EFF today.

After that, I worked at co-ordinating Internet Advocacy at the Committee to Protect Journalists. If you're in trouble for committing acts of journalism, let CPJ know: they may be able to help. They're a damn sight more effective than most committees, let me tell you that.

After my brief foray in the world of defending journalists, I rejoined EFF in 2013 as their International Director, and then Director of Strategy.

A carefully hidden note for the curious: my frequently flippant manner belies the seriousness with which I take my job. I've seen friends imprisoned and their lives threatened or prematurely ended because of those who want to shut down free speech or use technology to curtail basic human rights. I swore to those friends that I'd deploy every skill I had to achieve change. One of the best weapons my side has is that we're funnier. So be warned, or something.

What else? A few decades ago, I coined the term "life hacks", which has gone on to become an entire industry of hints and tips that I am, by my congenital laziness, unable to use or benefit from. It is some sort of karmic punishment.

Reaching me

You can always mail me at danny@spesh.com. If I don't reply - mail me again. I don't mind being reminded. The longer it takes me to write a reply, the more important the original e-mail seems to be.

You can find out the amazing truth about my PGP keys.

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Every decade I write something online that briefly becomes the only thing I'm know for, and then slowly its findability wanes as a new session of the Internet palimpsest begins. Here is a short list of those pieces:

Old homepages

Highly incriminating.


This is the cat that I used to live with, Dyson, who belonged to my wonderful daughter Ada Trouble Norton.

Dyson passed away on 2015-09-01, aged 13.

She was a very good cat.

a cat called dyson