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This page is jam-packed with very dull and possibly out of date information about me. If you'd like to see more regularly updated, brightly-coloured Danny-related facts, you should go to Oblomovka, which is one of those lousy goddamn blogs.

Current projects

Still banging away at the Need To Know newsletter. NTK has been the UK's premier sarcastic high-tech news update since 1997. We won a Special Commendation at the first Interactive BAFTAs and the European Internet Journalist of the Year award for 2001. Me and Dave write it. It's free. It has funny humour inside. We break a lot of technology stories before anyone else. We break a lot of other stuff too. We sell T-shirts. You should probably subscribe.

NTK has now spun off an annual convention, Extreme Computing. At the 2002 event, I made a foolish commitment to launch a news portal for UK digital rights issues. You can find it here, at STAND. Within a day or two of the relaunch, we helped co-ordinate a national protest over plans to extend Internet snooping powers to local councillors and the Post Office. Thousands of Net users complained by fax to their MPs and after a week, the Home Secretary withdrew the proposal. Hoorah!

For valuable cash prizes, I write a weekly column for the London Sunday Times. You can usually find it in the Doors section online. The Times, in their infinite wisdom, require you to pay a subscription for back issues or if you are located outside their server's idea of the UK.

I also write the "Wired On Friday" bit of the Irish Times. The archive for that is "premium" too. Look at me, I'm a valuable content provider!

Valuable content provision

Here are some bits of old writing I don't have any other place for

Reaching me

I'm hard to predictably contact by telephone (I'm in a timezone of my own). I take voicemail and fax at 1-360-323-2765.

You can always mail me at danny@spesh.com. If I don't reply - mail me again. I don't mind being reminded. The longer it takes me to write a reply, the more important the original e-mail seems to be.

As of , I have piece(s) of old mail I still haven't read. Elsewhere, I have mail(s) that I've flagged as important and really, really should reply to.

You can find out the amazing truth about my PGP keys.

Yes, it does appear I live in America.

My computer tries to keep track of where I am. Here's what it currently thinks:

Old homepages

Highly incriminating.


This is my cat, Dyson. She lives with me and Gilbert and Quinn.

a cat called dyson

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