26th MAY 2003

On Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2003, the club held its second tournament, the Spring Coconut.

Nine players turned up and the standard was a step on from the Winter Pineapple. Has there been some practicing?

The day was sunny and bright and this of course led to the lawn being populated by numerous human hazards. One little boy claimed a frisbee for himself and it would have been too cruel to take it away from him again. Maybe we'll see him in a future tournament?

Play began just after 12 noon and was completed in around 2 hours after which we headed for The Queen in Primrose Hill.

Satsumas were handed out at the start and halfway point of the rounds, with blushed pairs for holes in one. Strawberries were the welcome prize at the end. And of course, there was a coconut for the winner.

Congratulations to Raj C, who equalled the Tournament Course Record!

Thanks again go to Dave G for helping mark out the course, and all the players who threw in excellent humour and with no little skill.

See you all in the Summer!


Ben M 46
Jane W 51
Dave G 45*
Liz S 61
Simon S (1) 19
Lucy P 72
Matt T 67
Nicola S 54
Raj C 43*


The first team out, marked above in puce, found a particular human hazard (a picnicking family) too difficult to negotiate with and so rearranged the order in which they played the 8th, 9th and 10th holes. Thus from hole 7, the Red Leaner, they threw towards target 9, Church Mound, from there to target 8, Big Horse Chestnut, and then on to 10, Birch on Hill.


The second team, in mint, played the holes in the nominal order.

(1) Simon arrived a little late and so played from the re-arranged 8th hole onwards. Granting him pars for the rest of the round he would have claimed a score of 48.

*Players who threw a hole in one and were awarded a blushed pear.



Matt, Raj and Nicola mid-round.

Nicola, Matt and Raj hold their frisbees aloft after their fine rounds.

Simon, Jane and Liz relax after their exertions.

Ben presents the victorious Raj with the 2003 Spring Coconut

thanks to LUCY P for these great shots.

more to follow. . .