8th FEBRUARY 2003

On 8th February 2003, the CLFTGC held its inaugural tournament, the Winter Pineapple.

Almost two dozen players joined in a round of Frisbee Tree Golf and the game was played in a fine spirit.

The first players began their round at 11am and everyone moved on to the Lansdowne Pub in Primrose Hill for awarding of prizes and a pint at the '14th Hole' as it were.

All players were given apples at the start of the round and plums at the end, the thinking being that in winter one needs one's fruit. Additionally, holes in one were awarded Chinese Gooseberries, or kiwi fruits, the runner up won a melon and the winner a pineapple.

Thanks go to Dave G for helping mark out the course, and all the players for their sportsmanship and good humour. The course was quickly cleared at the end of the tournament and the park returned to normal.

See you all in the Spring!


Miles G 47
Jane W 61
Kate R 71
Dave G 53
Eleanor M / Raj C (1) 54
Jenny C 63
Pippa N 58*
Lucy P 75
Robin I 65*
Matt T 68*
Ben M / Matty M (2) 43*
Raquel C / Kate W (3) 63
Christina H (4) 46
Alex C (4) 40
Mark D 52
Claire P / Katie W 29
Robin B / Ruth MacL 11


Notably, the first team out wasn't the first team to finish due to the loss of ,and subsequent search for, Kate R's bracelet. The yellows overtook the greens.

(1) Eleanor M offered to take photographs instead of finishing her round. See her action pictures below. Raj C gallantly took over.

(2) Matty M arrived and while trying to keep her fabulous boots free of mud (and failing) threw with Ben M.

(3) Raquel C had a lunch appointment and left after 6 holes. Kate W took over her round.


(4) Christina H and Alex C went to the pub after 8 holes. By which time. . . 

(5) Claire P and Katie W had joined in - they started at the 7th.

(6) Robin B and Ruth MacL arrived in time for the final hole, the long 13th. This they attacked with verve and no little skill.

*Denotes awarding of a kiwi fruit for a hole in one.




Matt T throws a beauty

Robin I in 'Eros Stance',

Lucy and Robin

Matt, Jen, Robin, Lucy and Pippa. Frisbees R Them!

Jane W plays with the Airobie from under a tree.

Kate R and Dave G look for the lost bracelet.
Alas, in vain.

Kate W lines up her next shot at the long 13th.

Mark D, Kate W, Matty M and newbie Robin B enjoy the expanses of the lawn.

Jen, Lucy and Robin analyse the round over a pint.

Kate R's amazing cakes! She is amazing!

Miles G takes the melon for a fine second place!

Matty and Ben celebrate the Winter Pineapple!

Raj sends his frisbee off in the right direction and Kate R is impressed

Christina with an excellent knee bend in her throw

The tournament progresses. . .

Eleanor, about to join the Press Corps.

Claire, Katie W and Ruth - someone's dropped some very large contact lenses. Unless they're frisbees!

Robin Pippa and Matt head to the pub.

Pippa in the pub. Reflecting on a fine round.

Robin with his scorecard.