I haven't updated this for the longest time. Ronan Waide has an updated linux-wlan for 2.4 patch version that's been submitted to Absoval for a potential 0.3.5-pre1 release. You might also want to try out the patchset maintained over at fsck.tv. The maintainer there also has a complete tarball of a 2.4.17+ compatible zoomair 4000 driver if you don't want to mess around applying patches.

Patch to get linux-wlan working on the 2.4 kernel

This has been rusting away in a devel directory on my drive for some time, doing no good for no-one, so I thought I'd put it up somewhere.

I use the ZoomAir 4000 card on my machine, which is supported by the Linux WLAN project.

Unfortunately, the linux-wlan code is undergoing a big rewrite to support the new 11Mbps 802.11b cards. At the moment, that means that while the 11Mbs cards are supported under 2.4 (using the new linux-wlan-ng code), the older 2Mbps 802.11 drivers like the ZoomAir haven't been updated.

In a fit of hubris, I clumsily ported the old linux-wlan-0.3.4 code to 2.4. Now, I don't know much about device drivers under Linux *at* all, so this is pretty much just an exercising in aping the recommendations by Linus and others without understanding much of the underlying code. A recipe for disaster, but I least I got the bugger working.

To make matters worse, I'm now working on making this patch work on both 2.2 and 2.4 systems. It's about half-way through, which probably means that it won't work on either. Let me know how you do, if only so I can put you on a list for announcing when the final version is out.

And if anyone's got WEP working on the 2Mb ZoomAir, I'd be very interested to hear from them.


patch 2002-12-03

Updates for newer PCMCIA distros.

patch 2002-11-30

Two years on, and Ronan Waide has hacked up another version. As well as my original patch, there are some extra cleanups from the linux-wlan mailing list, plus Ronan's own fixes to output signal strength, etc, in /proc/net/wlan. I think we'll call this the canonical hack for now. It's been tested against redhat's 2.4.18-18 and pcmcia-cs 3.1.27. Let me know if it works for you.

patch 2000-12-07

Wrestling with k_compat.h includes. Doesn't work too well on 2.2 machines. A few people have said that the 2000-12-05 patch is better for 2.4 too, so try that first. Prone to hanging when you pull out the PCMCIA card.

patch 2000-12-05

Original hack. I had to cross my fingers and change some of the driver logic here, notably in the timer code (which now checks cmdbusy instead of cmdwq). Won't work on 2.2 kernels - but that's what the original was for, right?

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