Okay, Okay! You want updated! Here's updated.

Here's where I was two years ago. Sadly, I can't make it to the CCC this year. Duty calls.

On the Four Waves of Old Media. Written when there was only old media. Oh, and USENET.

Recent article (original TEXT or updated HTML)for Mute on Linux, Religion, and lazy stupid journalist whores (including myself). Good bit pointing out that Bill Gates and RMS went to college together. Dreadful ending.

Update: 1999-08-01: RMS and I had a discussion over this. He wishes to state that he didn't let his house burn down, and, indeed, would have put the fire out with his "bare hands" had the firemen not stopped him. Fair enough. He also wanted me to retroactively rename Linux GNU/Linux throughout. I argued the point. He argued back. I refused to budge. As punishment, he attempted to teach me a Bulgarian folk dance in an East End pub after leading a crowd of my friends in a rousing chorus of the "Free Software Song". As others have noted, it is very hard to argue with that.

How to Wash Dishes.

Very old homepage.

It was my birthday, and they landed on the moon.
Dan - happy birthday old man. thanks for inviting me to brighton. really wanted to come but had a snooker date with my brother. trust you had a spiffing time. here's a topical poem, with my best, stephen
Moon, looking back

trepid explorers trundling
silver sacks of air across
my lovely ocean.

calls and signs, beep
and counterbeep.
Tranquility Base.

ball games. American
president takes a leak
before cocksure glory -

Heaven Now Part of Man's World.

Now Wash Your Hands.

I liked Neil. laughing,
the bottom of the ladder
was as high as he could go.

watched him shake
when Earth came up
smelling of roses.

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