Major plot spoiler here, so for God's sake be careful...

OK, Contact (the movie) doesn't have the excellent twist at the end that the book has - but it has something pretty much almost as good. Essentially the rational scientific viewer is left hoping that there is some proof that Ellie's journey was for real, which - you'd expect - would take the form of the aliens' next message to us. The thing I liked most about the movie is that it gives you a different hint as to where this message might be.

Spotted it yet? Here's some more clues:

1. By the end of the film, what possible medium remains to contain "another" message from the aliens?

2. How did the aliens encode their first message to Earth?

3. (One for the information theorists here...) What does a highly encrypted (or highly encoded) data stream most closely resemble?

Click reveal to hear my theory!