12th FEBRUARY 2006

On Sunday 12th February 2006 the club held the fourth annual winter pineapple tournament. Rather annoyingly the previous sunday had been a beautiful winter's day - bright blue skies, chilly but not freezing. However, these were not the conditions for this sunday. Instead there had been consistent rain from the previous evening and by 1pm the Lawn was soggy and damp. It is a tribute to the Club though that so many players turned out - brollies at hand! - and virtually all of them were first timers.

The round was cut slightly short due to the number of players in the one group so par was not taken into account.

Karen won the Ladies' Pineapple on her first round of FTG. Ben won the Men's Pineapple.

The spirit of the game was excellent and despite the rain, a good time was had by all. Kate R arrived towards the end of the round. We went to the Edinboro Castle for lunch and were joined there by longtime members Liz and Aaron, Laurence and Pru. Kate R provided banana cakes.

Yet again, the spirit of fun of the game, the refreshment of fresh air and walking, and the good companionship that is so much a part of the sport endures, and it is hoped the first time players will be back to play in the other tournaments.

See you in the Spring!



Richard 50
Jenny 55
Karen 51
Malcolm 45
Chris 43
Ben 37
Marlies / Sarj 30 (1)
Kate R 8


We played 11 holes, skipping the Church Mound and a final hole from the Horse Chestnut. Conditions were wet and with 8 throwers at each hole by this stage it was decided to make a move to the pub for lunch.

Marlies and Sarj arrived after the fourth hole and if they had been awarded pars for the holes they had missed they would have scored 46.


Aerobies were shared around the group, but Ben did not use one.

Sadly, nobody scored a hole in one at the 11th so no apricots were awadred. however apples were enjoyed at the start of play.


Jenny, Chris, Sarj, Ben, Malcolm and Karen make it past the holly bush on the 7th.

Kate, Marlies, Sarj and Jenny watch Malcolm

We had just about one umbrella per person

Chris shows a fine throwing stance

Jenny's open handed throw is a fine technique with the aerobie

Ben accepts the Men's Pineapple from Chris

Chris presents Karen with the Ladies' Pineapple - another first time winner!

Quicktime Movie (1.4Mb) - Marlies tackles the short 11th

Quicktime Movie (2.1Mb) - Richard attempts a hole in one