6th FEBRUARY 2005

On Sunday 6th February 2005 the Club held its third winter tournament and the ninth overall, the Winter Pineapple. The day was brisk and fresh with only a slight wind and after some overnight rain the Lawn was soft but not sodden. The early start times of the tournaments seem to have deterred some golfers (and this will be rectified in the future) but those who did throw were rewarded with a pleasantly empty course and an exciting competition.

After the shortened 13th was concluded (the removal of the stump has meant a final target tree is much nearer and a shot taken off the round par) we headed to the Edinboro Castle for a good lunch, and muffins provided by Kate R, last year's Ladies' Champion.

Jane W won the Ladies' Pinepapple this year breaking her Ladies' Course Record, and Dave won the Men's Pineapple for the second year running. Congratulations to both of them!

With a later start time planned, we hope to see more players for the 3rd Spring Coconut. See you all in May!


Dave G 43*
Ben M 44
Jane W 44*
Katie W 74
 Raj C 23*(1)
 Lucy P 11 (2)
Kate R 11* (2)


Katie W's mastery of the Aerobie over the last three holes was impressive, but taking a combined 38 shots for holes 4 through 8 put her out of contention.

(1) Raj arrived while the players were on the 7th hole and played the final six holes.


(2) Lucy P and Kate R joined the group for the last three holes.

* Holes in one at the short eleventh were thrown by Dave G, Jane W, Raj C and Kate R. They were rewarded with plums.


Dave and Jane under the early blossom of the Red Leaner

Katie W prepares to take another shot

Kate R in her customary action pose

A circle of frisbees around the base of the Eleventh

Mmm. Muffins!

Jane W accepts the pineapple from Ben.

Dave G retains the Winter Pineapple

Jane scores a hole in one at the Eleventh (MOV 2.7MB)

Raj does the same (AVI 2.3 MB)