17th July 2005

On a beautiful July Sunday afternoon, the Club held the third tournament of 2005, the Summer Watermelon. Start time was due to be 6pm but the loveliness of the late afternoon sunshine meant the lawn was still full of people, so we waited until around 6.45 to get going.

We played leisurely - there were 10 of us all throwing together! - and finished by 8.30 when the park was at its most glorious. Sadly we found that the target tree for the twelfth has now been cut down and we are beginning to wonder if the park authorities are slowly destroying the course from the end backwards! At this rate we will have a two hole course in three years!

Ben W retained his Summer Watermelon he won last year with an excellent round of 40 which put him two shots ahead of the field. Kate R pipped Katie by the same margin to win the Ladies' Watermelon. Congratulations to both of them!

We ended by relaxing on the lawn and taking in the last rays of sunshine on a splendid afternoon, reflecting on some excellent throwing and a fine tourney.

See you all in the Autumn!


Dave G 47
Christian 52
Mark 46
Katie 65
Ben W 40*
Ben M 44
Kate R 63
Peter 49
Simon 45
 Guy 42


We started off by going in two groups with one set protecting lounging picnickers from the "invasion of privacy"(!) of the game. But after the 3rd hole we all played together.

Mark D joined us at the tenth and threw 17 for the final 4 holes. He made the presentation at the end of the round.



*Ben W was the only player to score a hole in one on the short eleventh!

Strawberries and cherries were handed out at the start of play and apples after the sixth. At the end of the round and after the presentation, the winners were kind enough to share their watermelons wit their defeated colleagues!




Katie throws at the second watched by Dave, Kate and Simon.

Dave wears his Aerobie with pride!

Kate marches up the fifth on a beautiful afternoon.

At the fifth, Peter faces a tricky second shot. Guy watches on.

Ben W, Mark and Christian ponder the putting condtions at the eighth.

Ben M takes his second shot at the ninth.

Mark D presents Ben W with his second Summer Watermelon

Kate R's second tournament win is her first in such a full competition.