20th August 2003

On Wednesday 20th August 2003, the club held its third seasonal tournament of the year, the Summer Watermelon.

Holding the tournament on a week night was always going to be controversial, but the Club felt the park was less likely to be busy at the time than on a Saturday morning. How wrong we were. With a number of softball games in progress (the players of which showing far less concern for other park users than Club members!) a few of the longer holes were tricky to negotiate.

But eight players started the course and rounds were completed well before dark. Newcomers included Sam, Will and Marlies.

Congratulations to Miles for his round of 43, equalling the Tournament course record! Stella awarded him his prize which wasn't a watermelon after all but a piel de sapo melon, which was easier to carry.

Thanks to Sam who helped set the course up and apologies to the Kates for being so tricky to find - but at least they made it to the pub!

We took ourselves off to the Queen's Head and Artichoke after the match and enjoyed what turned out to be a fine evening.

See you all in the Autumn!


Ben 47
Will 51
Netia 50
Sam* 59
Marlies* 46
Dave 45
Jane 47
Miles 43
Mark (1) 7


The Mauve team took to the course first and Netia and Will pushed their daughter laden buggy while throwing fine rounds. As noted above, other park users did not share the Club's sense of community on the Cumberland Lawn, but all rounds were completed with minmal human interference.

(1) Of the Orange team, Mark only joined the round for the last hole. Kate W and Kate R found the group after the end of the round and at the pub respectively.

Very fine scoring from the other three players in that team - an argument that some of the pars are too generous, perhaps?


Players marked with an * scored holes in one and were rewarded with peaches at the end of the round. Marlies scored holes in one at the first and 11th!

Dessert apples were handed out at the start of play and nectarines at the end of the round.




Marlies throws at the second.


Neesh makes a throw at the eighth.

Sam and Dave warm up in the afternoon sunshine.

 Miles receives the Summer Watermelon from Guest of Honour, Luna.


Jane and Sam at the pub

 Miles, Jane, Sam, Marlies, Mark, Dave and Kate R.