30th MAY 2004

The Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend once again saw a fine tournament for the Spring Coconut. It was decided to play the round towards the end of Sunday afternoon in the hope the Lawn would be less populated and these hopes were fulfilled.

Early arrivals were greeted with a glass of Buck's Fizz and a tangerine and the round began at 6.44pm with Ben the only male!

Although Netia had to drop out after three well thrown holes, we picked up a few more players along the way.

The weather was perfect - the occasional light gust of wind affecting the skimmers - and those finishing at 8.30pm were rewarded with a wonderful sunset.

We then went for a lovely drink at the Engineer pub in Primrose Hill.

Jane W won the Ladies' coconut and Ben M won the Men's with a new course record. Both rounds were thrown with Aerobies, pointing out once again the advantage of Superflight Inc's amazing flying disc!

Everyone who participated agreed it had been a super afternoon with some top class frisgolf.

See you all in the Summer!


Ben M 38*
Aaron 55*
Raj C 47*
Matt 12 (2)
Lucy P 59
Nicola S 54
Jane W 47
Liz S 54
Netia J 12 (1)


The entire field played as a unit, making some holes a little difficult to putt out at, but at least we were all together.

(1) Netia had to leave after three holes at which point Aaron and Liz S joined. They were granted pars for the holes they missed.

Raj C joined after the fourth hole and was granted pars for the holes he missed.




(2) A picnicker, Matt, approached the group after the 8th hole to ask about the game and threw the 9th, 10th and 11th. We hope he has caught "the bug" and will join us in the Summer!

Raj 's first throw at the 7th resulted in his skimmer shattering against a tree! See the picture below.

*Players who threw a hole in one and were awarded an apple.




Some of the field for the Second Spring Coconut. Jane, Ben, Aaron, Raj, Liz. When I say some of them...

Aaron brought an umbrella in case of rain. But it also came in handy for retrieving stuck frisbees and doing fancy tricks.

Liz in action at the tricky 7th.

Raj with the bits of the frisbee heshattered at the 7th.

Matt, our newest player, being watched on by two of his friends. He is going for the hole in one at the short 11th.

Aaron celebrates his hole in one at the 11th.

Ben's ecstasy at his second hole in one of his record breaking round.

Aaron, the first Australian to play the course, awards Ben the Men's Spring Coconut.

Jane W is presented with the Ladies' spring Coconut by Aaron.

thanks to LUCY P for these great shots.

more to follow. . .