13th November 2005

On Sunday 13th November 2005, the club held its fourth tournament of the year, the Third Autumn Aubergine.

The day was crisp and clear and the lawn, while a little squidgy underfoot, was eminently playable. There were a few problems with wind but un the whole the conditions were excellent.

The Club welcomed a fine turnout for the second year running for the Aubergine. A number of first time players (Helen, Holly, and Will) showed up as did more families than normal. What a joy it is that the frisbee golf habit is planted in the young! Their keenness for the sport was inspirational for a number of us grizzled veterans. While the dictates of young families meant there were a few dropouts, those that stayed the course scored very well indeed.

James W won the Men's Aubergine and Holly the Women's at her first attempt. We then headed to the Edinburgh Castle, which is fast becoming a favourite destination for the club, and enjoyed an excellent roast lunch.

In all, another smashing tournament, the last official one of the year. But so long as there remains a casualty of the course - an aerobie up a tree on the fourth - there will be frisbee golf on the lawn throughout the winter.

And come February, when the Winter Pineapple rolls around, we expect the club to be supported just as well!


Ben 50
James W 42
Helen 57
Liz 60
Aaron 45
Will (up to tree 5) 14
Netia (up to 4) 19
Raj* (6 onwards) 32
Kate* 61
Holly 54
The Cecils (up to 5) 23


Aerobists this time were James, Liz, Kate and Aaron. The new mini flyers performed admirably, especially on the shorter holes. The Club is going to retire the Skimmers at the next tournament as they remain such a handicap to their users.

Netia and the girls left after the 4th hole. will went after the 5th as did the Cecils. Raj joined us at the 6th - when will he turn up on time for the full round his talent deserves?


*Both Raj and Kate threw holes in one at the short eleventh. Their fruit will be awarded at the next tournament.




The players assemble at the start of the course. what adventures lie ahead? Frisbee throwing.

A skimmer in flight. A wonderful sight.

Liz throws from the 7th.

Photo by Aaron.

The Golden Aerobie used to set the course record, Still up a tree. IT WILL BE RECOVERED!

Kate prepares a tee shot at the 12th.

Holly and James - our two champions in action.

Helen presents Holly with the Ladies' Aubergine. . .

. . . And James with the Men's.

A Quicktime .mov file of Raj getting a hole in one at the 11th.