28th November 2004

On Sunday 28th November 2004, the club held its seventh and eighth seasonal tournaments when the Summer Watermelon was included alongside the Autumn Aubergine. The weather forecast was for a chilly day, but last year's showers only broke after the end of the round.

We welcomed a number of new players to the Club and everyone threw in a fine spirit with the result in doubt until the very last hole!

Kevin and Stephany threw the first five holes before taking young Nat to the zoo and we picked up Lucy then - her score adjusted with pars for holes she had missed as is the usual custom.

Rich and Diane joined later and threw the last few holes.

Surprisingly the Council seemed to have removed the final stump from the course which presents the club with an interesting dilemma on how to adjust the course in the future - any suggestions gratefully received.

Ben M won the men's Aubergine with Liz taking the Women's prize for the first time. The Summer Watermelon (again, not an actual watermelon as Sainsbury's didn't have any - a honeydew melon substituted) was awarded to Ben W for having the lowest score for a first timer. He showed great talent and will definitely be right up there in the hunt come the Winter Pineapple in February.

After the round we took lunch at Wagamama's in Camden Town where Shelley awarded the prizes.

Here's wishing all Club members the compliments of the season and we look forward to seeing you all at the Third Winter Pineapple in 2005!


Ben M 42
Dave 44
Ben W 48
Guy 55
Aaron 47*
Liz 58
Kevin 24
Stephany 23
Lucy 61
Rich 23
Diane 33


Ben threw the first five holes with the Aerobie and the rest with a championship skimmer. Other Aerobists were Dave, Aaron, Liz and Lucy.

Kevin and Stephany, if they threw pars for the rest of the course, would have scored 55 and 54 respectively, meaning Liz would have been denied the Aubergine by Stephany, but since they did not complete the round, the Club does not count their scores.

In contrast Rich and Diane, if given pars for the holes they missed would have scored 56 and 66 respectively, but since they joined so late, the club only counts their scores as part-rounds.


*Aaron threw a hole in one at the Eleventh and was rewarded with a kiwi fruit,


An umbrella was placed in the ground to mark the final thirteenth hole stump, but surely a new final hole can be considered for the next tournament.



Veteran Dave is flanked by two new members of the club, Ben W and Guy

Stephany throws at the fifth watched by Kevin and Nat

Lucy celebrates! Liz tries to stay warm!

A frisbee, surrounded by Autumn leaves. An inaction shot if you like.

Diane and Rich joined us late but took up the game with flair and gusto!

Aaron watches Dave take his first throw at the Tenth.

Shelley awards Ben M the Men's Autumn Aubergine.

Liz is the deserved winner of the Ladies' Autumn Aubergine!

Congratluations to Ben W, winner of the belated Summer Watermelon for the lowest scoring rookie!


All clips are .mov format

Lucy, one of two left handed throwers in this Tournament, takes her second throw at the Seventh (1.8MB)

Diane, also at the Seventh. (1.1MB)

Rich attempts to score a hole in one at the short Eleventh. (1.8MB)